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Danser l’entreprise idéale

Un projet démarre pour 100 jour à Zürich : (How) can you dance a company ?

Organisé par KATRIN KOLO et Zurich University for the Arts (ZHdK).

The Idea
Within 100 days we create choreographically an “ideal” company.

The “Ideal” Company?
· which can take on board everyone, who is interested
· where you work as much, as you currently can or want
· where you can contribute (as much as possible of), what you currently can or want
· where you feel individually supported, accepted and welcome
· where you are fairly rewarded for your contributions
· which contributes with its products and services in a positive and sustainable way to society
Such a Company seems utopian.
Yet, as a work of art it could become real.
If a choreography can be created which models such an ideal company, could
then not also this company become real? What will it offer to society then?

Plus de renseignements ici : Project Corporate Choreography_Invitation to Kick-off

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